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 Plot and Theme

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Tristan Hart

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PostSubject: Plot and Theme   Thu 08 May 2008, 2:33 am

Theme: Mythical and Dark Creatures


Under a night sky, the leaders scheme against one another; the war is drawing near. The age-old hatred is coming to a peak, and both sides are restless for a battle; the vampires and werewolves both have created hunting teams, trained to seek the covens of the enemy. Immortal blood has been shed for far too long over this feud, but more is yet to be spilled.

Rogues wander the world, hoping to evade the war, but know that allying with their kind is inevitable. The vampires seek those who belong with them. The werewolves seek those who belong with them. Betrayal and forbidden love blossoms as the worlds collide. Punishments reign down like hell on those who disobey the laws of their kind.

As the nights draw on, the eclipse draws near. Allegiences fall weak - the eclipse into nothingness. Chaos will come. But so will the much sought after war.

But who will reign king of the darkness?
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Plot and Theme
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