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 How this forum will work...

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Tristan Hart

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PostSubject: How this forum will work...   Sun 04 May 2008, 4:29 pm

Any member can choose to be one of three types of characters: A human, a vampire, or a werewolf. There are guidelines for each type of character, listed below. Once you know what type of character you would like to be, the member will make a profile under the profile forum (in the "General" Category).

Each Category will be part of the world; thus, there will be seven (7) categories in all, one for each continent. In each continental category, there will be forums for each region (i.e. northwestern, southeastern, etc) where members will be granted access to create their own topic threads. In each topic thread, however, I would like the member to name the country and either the state/province or city, as well as the location. For example, if I were posting in the European Category under the eastern forum, the title of my thread would be: "Romania, Dracula's Castle." Another example would be in the North American Category, under United States of America, the title could be: "Ohio, Toledo, The warehouse district."


Now for the three types of members! If you are a human, you eat and drink normal food (i.e. cheeseburgers, ice cream, etc.) but may have special talents (see list of special talents for options). If you would like to have a special talent, send a private message to Tristan Hart (the Root Administrator) for permission. You carry on the RP as any regular human character would.

If you are a vampire, you drink only blood. Though it is possible for you to eat regular food, it is not recommended as it tastes severely bland and could possibly contaminate you with disease. Vampires sleep during the day and come out at night; they also have batlike wings. Their eyes flash black when they are thirsty. They have small talons on their hands as well as fangs. Very rarely, a vampire is born and develops special abilities. If you would like your vampire to have a special ability, check out the list of available abilities and send a private message to Tristan Hart (the Root Administrator) to get permission.

If you are a werewolf, you eat normal food just like a human. Until the full-moon, that is. When the full-moon arises, you are forced to transform into the wolf form (though you may turn into the werewolf form voluntarily when it is not the full moon). This form is not the ugly greyhound-looking thing from Harry Potter POA, nor is it a simple wolf form from the Twilight Series. This werewolf form is the normal, half-human half-wolf creature. When this creature is roaming during the full-moon, he or she hunts human flesh and blood. Werewolves can also have special abilities. If you would like your werewolf to have a special ability, send a private message to Tristan Hart (the Root Administrator) asking permission.

As always, if you have any questions about anything, you may post them here or send a private message to Tristan Hart. Have fun!
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How this forum will work...
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